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Wealth Vase

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Please note that our centre intends to restrict the creation of wealth vase going forward.
Our lama had created these wealth vases strictly to ancient text passed down through generations.

Many devotees had shared their positive review and it seems like our wealth deities had been working extremely hard :)

This may very well be the last batch of wealth vase for a long time to come.
So get one before you miss the opportunity all together !

Jambhala Statue

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Invite precious Jambhala into your life.
Be inspired to be like Jambhala who bestow wealth without discrimination to all who seek.
Perfecting Generosity while employing right livelihood in life.
The wish of so many householder.


Chenrezig Statue

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Chenrezig is a form of the popular Bodhisattva Kuan Yin. Representing compassion, he comes to the aid of all who cry for his help. The image holds a wish fulfilling gem at the heart. Invite him to your home, office or even inside your car. All places require some compassionate activities to make it a good place to be in. May His presence reminds you to have compassion in whatever you think, say or do; so that others around you also enjoy the bliss of compassion.


Amitabha Statue

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Amitabha is the Buddha of immeasurable light. The brilliance shine forth with warmth and compassion, lighting all dark corners of our life. Bringing illumination to our darkened mind.

Filled with love and compassion and a message promising freedom from pain and suffering.

Invite Him into your life and aspire to proactively bring light into your own world. A world that is full of hope, wisdom and love.


Medicine Buddha Gift box set
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Equip yourselves with this gift box or present it to someone you love. Each box comes with prayer counting beads (Mala): one long (108 beads) and one short (21 beads) plus a musical instrument (tingshak)

You may wish to wear the short beads around your wrist and engage in mantra counting anytime, anywhere.

Punctuate your mantra recitation with the crisp vibrating "Clink" of our high quality tingshak (marked with Mantra) . Let the blessed sound resonate deeply within your entire beings and enjoy the blissful spiritual healing.


Phurpa (ritual dagger)

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Facing serious setback and obstacles in life? Buddha taught us that problems in life are caused by our bad karma. To overcome such problems in life you need strong resolve and a fierceness to face the challenges without compromising your belief and inner good heartedness.

Invite our precious Phurpa to add a spiritual dimension to your resolve. May you find courage and wisdom to resolve your challenges skilfully ; bringing happiness to yourselves and others (including your enemies)

Blessed Mandala Sand

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Our centre conducts various ritual with the presence of sand mandala. These mandala represents the pure abode of the meditational deity in honour. As a result of these sacred rituals, each sand particle becomes blessed with immeasurable positive energy. In accordance to the teaching of emptiness, these beautiful mandala are being dissolved at the end of each ritual.

We have collected the sands after the mandala is dissolved and we offer you a chance to bring this blessed sand home. The scared message behind the blessed sand benefits all who understand. Thus infusing your household with Dharma joy and lightness of beings.
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