The Singapore Buddha Sasana Society (Sakya Tenphel Ling)

Together, through the teachings of the Buddha, we illuminate lives.

House Rules

The centre is a community and like any other community, rules are important and helps create a conducive environment for spiritual practices.

Dress Code

Please dress modestly and avoid revealing too much.
Length of skirts /pants should be below the knees. Blouses should be buttoned and not revealing.
We can lend you a scarf to cover up
if you are dressed inappropriately. 


You must have at least one other person to accompany you when meeting monks or lama for private consultations.
Please do not talk or disturb monks who are in prayers. If you need to consult them on any matters, please wait until they finish their prayers.

Alternatively, you may approach our office to find out the consultation time.


Please respect all religious items and texts. Do not place them directly on the floor. 
Please do not touch or move religious items on the altar or on lama’s table. 

Within the Centre compound

Please be respectful to all people and help maintain a conducive and dignify environment. Kindly refrain from talking loudly and brashly within the centre.

Car park

Please note that carpark is for participants of centre activities. The cars of participants will not be moved during a ritual and if your car is being blocked, you will have to wait until the end of the event.
Please consider parking your car at nearby public parking facilities instead. 

Dining Hall

During community dinning, please wait for monks to finish food offering prayers before you begin eating. Monks should also be served first to show our respect
Please leave food for late comers. You may take back leftover food only after making sure everyone has taken his share.

No smoking

Please do not smoke within our centre compound, including the car park area.