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The Ritual of Lhamo Pal
The Ritual of Lhamo Pal - The special Wealth Puja of Tarig Gompa
The Goddess of this Ritual is called Devi Shree-Laxmi in Sanskrit and Lhamo Pal in Tibetan.
Goddess Maha Laxmi has many synonyms, among which she is also known as Dudgui
Charbev, which means one who showers the rain of all aspired beings.
She is said to be the manifestation of the goddess Tara. Goddess Tara chose to manifest in the form of Lhamo Pal to accomplish the wishes of Sentient Beings in acquiring wealth of individual’s fruit.
1. Those who are rich and affordable should acquire a sandal image of Lhamo Pal, enshrine
with relics and place it on the shrine table
2. Next, one should place a Sutra called Ser Hoe Dhampa (Golden Hue Sutra) if available
3. If feasible, one should also place an unbroken arrow used by a person who have 7 sons
4. Also one should arrange a mirror made of white silver
5. A turquoise worn as garland by a woman who have given birth to 7 sons
Time when the Puja should begin:
The best time are either the beginning of spring (Sun moving in the northern direction),
when the moon is waxing, or when days are corresponding to the assemblage of Lucky signs and star constellation i.e. when black day is not in the reigning state.
1. All Torma of the tutelary deity should be set up on the Shrine
2. The Shrine should be covered up with yellow/white cloth
3. Eight-petal lotus should be drawn with rice or grain
4. Arranged dough of Tsampa mixed with three sweet-substances
5. Placed dough in the shape of Ratna (Jewel) with eight other rounds representing nine
deities in a container without any crack
6. Place tormas representing gods, nagas, yakshas in front of them
7. On the white cloth, place eight auspicious symbols, eight auspicious objects and seven royal articles
8. On the white cloth, one should write a sentence in the language one is acquainted to
The sentence should go like this:
May the shower of blessings – wealth and food – rain on all well-wishers and me, as well as the benefactor by the name of ____________.
Then conclude with the mantra as given during initiation.
This particular piece of white cloth should be tied on the arrow bearing banner.
Benefits of performing the Puja
According to the Sutra (Sutra prophesized by Lhamo Pal Chenmo), by offering flowers and incense to the Buddha, offering of sandal to Lhamo Pal, and reciting the names of the Buddhas, one will attain all glories. One will also attain all physical happiness and mental comfort. All divine beings will hide you from mara and will always protect you. One will achieve all aspirations. Mundane and supra mundane riches will realize.
Generally, by propitiating to Lhamo pal, one will gain wealth prosperity, luck and a glorified life.