The Singapore Buddha Sasana Society (Sakya Tenphel Ling)

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Any activities pertaining to Padmasambhava will be of great benefit and auspiciousness. Guru Dhakpo is the emanation of Guru Padmasambhava, which is the only Teaching that comes with an image of the nine-faced Warthful Emanation (although there are others emphasize on the fiery images of Padmasambhava as well)
It is said from the “Original
Terma Text for the Nine-Faced Warthful Emanation of Padmasambhava” that ‘terma’, a Tibetan term for religious text are periodically released from three sources to qualified people at the appropriate time for the benefit of beings.
According to Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism to Tibet at the end of the eighth Century, he believed that sentient beings of different eras posses different characters, and the wisdom shall not be disclosed until it can be properly used for the benefit of all these sentient beings. For this purpose,
terma then was invented.
terma text can be retrieved from three different sources namely from i) natural environment like earth, water, fire, air and sky; ii) from meditations; and iii) from teachings taught directly by Yidams.
Although, in traditions, the Nyingma School hold by far the most voluminous
terma texts than others, the text for the “Nine-faced Warthful Emanation of Padmasambhava not only is retained uniquely by the Tharig Drupchen of Sakya School but also is rare in 2 ways: i) its teachings is in such a wrathful Nine-faced emanation, although there are other well emphasized fiery images of Padmasambhava and ii) its pure lineage, highly classified to the others.
With this introduction of its origin, the History of the nine-faced eighteen-armed Guru Dhakpo goes in this way.
It is said that about 200 years ago, Tarig Drubchen was offered this text by a mountain deity, in Qinghai, China at a place called Lasiew Yushu. In the text, Guru Padmasambhava manifested in this form in order to pacify obstacles and to liberate all sentient beings in this degenerated time. The lineage is unbroken since Tarig Drubchen Rinpoche.

The Deity:
The nine-faced eighteen-armed Guru Dhakpo includes many other deities, himself and the consort, Gamda, Naga, Zenzha, three different Gonpo – the three Mahakala protectors of Mayrutae, Gonpo Paka and Tamjian. Thus the Guru Dhakpo Puja include many activities, like protection, purification, prosperity, accomplishment, longevity etc, bestowing a series of benefit to the participants.
When it is properly performed, the merits from this Puja are immeasurable. One gains longevity and prosperity. All forms of maras and obstacles created by gods and demigods, nagas and other local deities are overcome It is especially effective during degenerated times for purifying negative karma, and achieving swift and complete accomplishment.
We are all very well aware that wherever the monasteries, centres or projects the late Tarig Tulku established, they would be successful and prospered. Be it in Nepal, Tibet, Taiwan or SEA. This, the late Tulku had attributed it to the practice of the nine-faced, eighteen-armed Guru Dhakpo.
In conclusion, we appeal to all past participants and welcome all new participants to take this opportunity to participate in this important Puja which needs a lot of manpower and time to prepare and perform in order to made the occasion effective to the fullest.