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Long Life Deities Puja

White Tara Long Life Puja
We pray to White Tara especially for health, healing and longevity. However, White Tara also bestows wisdom and merits to whoever pray to her. She offer healing to our wounds, whether it is our bodies or mind that have been hurt.
White Tara is extremely powerful. She is very close to sentient beings, like a mother to her child. She is swift in fulfilling our wishes and grant us happiness, wisdom, merits and long life. By practising the White Tara ritual and praying to White Tara properly and faithfully, you will be able to remove the obstacles pertaining to your life and thus prolong your life span.
Check web site for schedule of the powerful White Tara long life puja. There will usually be distribution and consumption of the long life nectar pills during the puja.

Leng Chag Torma Puja (For repaying of karmic debts)
Since beginningless time, out of greed, hatred and ignorance, we have committed numerous negative acts towards many other sentient beings. Therefore, it is for sure that we have accumulated many debts in all these lifetimes.
For example, we might have harmed others in one way or another, caused their death or owed them something. If we do not repay these debts and they accumulate, then when conditions ripen, these debtors will return one day to seek revenge against us. They can cause us different problems or obstacles, eg. Illnesses, disharmony in our family, problems at work.
Through the skilful means of this Leng Chag Torma Puja – by offering torma to all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Protectors, we will be able to purify all negative karma accumulated in our past lives and pay off these karmic debts.
At the same time, by making offerings to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Protectors in the 10 directions through the skillful means of this puja, we will also accumulate tremendous merits.
Please check web site for schedule of Leng Chag Torma Puja, this is an effective and powerful Puja especially to clear karmic debts and bad fruits.

9 Long-life Deities Puja of Amitayus
The 9 Long-Life Deities are all manifestations of Buddha Amitayus.
There are numerous benefits of performing this type of ritual. Eminent among them is the ritual will eradicate Mara of Death. For example, even if one has life-span of sixty years, due to certain obstacles one may die early. This ritual will ensure one a longer life.
On the last day of the puja, there will be a blessing ritual of the Seven Royal Dignitaries and Eight Auspicious substances to the public.
Please check back web site for schedule of this unique and powerful 9 Long-life Deities Puja of Amitayus to receive the very special long life blessings.

Animal Liberation
The benefits of Animal Liberation ritual include the following: Purify negative karma, clearing obstacles, thereby increase lifespan.

The Importance of performing Long Life Puja,
Leng Chag Torma Puja & Animal Liberation
There are
3 main causes of death: exhaustion of life force, exhaustion of karma from previous lives and exhaustion of merits.
Any one of these alone may act as the cause of death. Furthermore, death may be caused by a combination of any 2 or 3 of these factors operating together. Thus from these 3 main causes, there are altogether 7 causes of death.
If the life force is exhausted, one should restore it by carrying out certain rituals or meditations on long-life deities such as Amitayus or Ushnisha Vijaya.
If previous bad deeds are the cause of impending death, one should
release animals in danger of being killed or dying accidentally. This will purify karma.
If a person’s merit is exhausted, it can be restored by various means, such as making offerings to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, reciting scriptures and making offerings to the Sangha, practising generosity to those in need and making food offerings to worldly spirits.
One may also substitute non-virtue with virtue through creating virtuous thoughts and in other ways counteracting non-virtuous thoughts if they arise in the mind. These are some methods for prolong life.”
— Sakya Pandita’s Clarifying the Sage’s Intent
   (expounded by the Late Khenchen Appey Rinpoche)