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Ganapati – Elephant Headed One who is renowned as the “Remover of Obstacles”

Ganapati (Ganesh) means Elephant Headed One who is renowned as the “Remover of Obstacles”.
In the Sakya tradition, the Twelve Arm Ganapati is actually an emanation of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of great compassion.
Being a brilliant red deity, the Twelve Armed Ganapati not only dispels obstacles but at the same time harmonizes relationships, activities and overall the environment. It has great magnetizing influence, creating strong positive conditions that will arise warm social and interpersonal engagement and leads to good and meaningful living.
Being at one time subdued by the Lord Buddha, Ganapati made the commitment to help all beings by specifically dispelling their obstacles when called upon and uphold the 3 trainings of moral behavior, meditation, wisdom and, in particular, to provide the necessary materials and provisions for practitioners.
He protects one from obstacles at the beginning of any enterprise and also helps to increase wealth and power for the benefit of the Dharma.
These are the benefits for one who have full faith and devotion to the puja and receive his blessings.