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The Importance of Medicine Buddha
The Lord Buddha Shakyamuni had taught eighty-four thousand heaps of teachings to the sentient beings according to their dispositions and natures. These teachings are divided into two main categories: Sutrayana and Vajrayana. There are Four Tantras known as Kriya, Carya, Yoga and Anutara Tantra within the Vajrayana.

This “Medicine Buddha Puja” which is extracted from the section of Medicine Buddha Teaching, comes under the category of Kriya Tantra. There is few more categorization within the Kriya Tantra and this “Medicine Buddha Puja” comes under the category of “The Tathagata Family”.

The tradition of “Medicine Buddha Puja” was first introduced in Tibet by the Great Acharya Bodhisattva Santirakshita during the reign of the great Dharma King Dritsong Detsen. The great Acahrya Bodhisattva predicted that during the degeneration time, this puja will be so powerful and more effective than ever.

It is performed by drawing a Sand Mandala, which is so holy and sacred to see and receive the blessing. A Mandala is a celestial palace of a deity where a deity resides and benefits the sentient beings. Therefore, by seeing the Sand Mandala, it is same as you are seeing the real celestial palace of the deity. Then, the practitioners invoke the Wisdom Body of the deity from the natural abode, absorb in the Sand Mandala, and make offering, prostration and supplication, purification and so forth.

Those who hold and recite the Medicine Buddha Mantra and make offering;
- All the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and all the powerful Gods and Goddesses will look upon them and take care of them always.
- All the negatives deeds of “five unfathomable deeds” will be purified.
- All kinds of diseases will be eliminated and never ever infected by those contagious and fatal diseases.
- They will be free from the immature dead the expand the lifespan.
- They will be free from the dead, enemies, harms, quarrels.
- They will never be influenced by the enemies.
- They will accumulate much merit and accomplish all their wishes and hopes. (Translated by Lama Tashi Gyaltsen. This is from a Vajrayana source)

This grand puja is usually held in November each year
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