Tara Mantra Counts

Tara Mantra 


Mother Tara liberates sentient beings from samsara, from sufferings, fears, diseases and obstacles. Fears include external dangers such as fire, water, air, earth and internal obstacles such as ignorance, attachment, anger, pride, jealousy, miserliness, doubt and wrong views.

In short, Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha means: I prostrate to the Liberator, Mother of all the Victorious One. With the power of my pure faith and the accumulation of these mantra,
– may all beings receive the blessings of Tara;
– may the teaching of the Buddha increase; may our dear Lamas live long and healthy life,
– and may their holy wishes be fulfilled swiftly;
– may the wealth, life and dharma increase for all practitioners;
– may there be peace and harmony in the world
– may all the people of the nations be well and happy;
– may we purify our negative karmas and obstacles, accumulate limitless wisdom and merits for the benefit of all beings;
– may we have the fortune to obtain the body, speech and mind of a perfectly enlightened Buddha.

His Holiness Sakya Trizin recommended to chant 100 million tara mantra. He said it is a short mantra and very easy to chant. When we asked on the meaning of the Mantra, he took out his text to check and said: Om is auspicious beginning of all the mantras. Tara is calling (calling Tara, Saviour is her name. Tuttare is saviour of those who are suffering. Ture is quick (in action). Soha is established (firmly establishing) Generally speaking when we want to make a friend, we do by calling her Name Tara. We make friend with Tara and become close to her. When we ask for favour, she will answer all to whatever we need. His Holiness gave this explanation on the 16th January 2015 at Phrodang.
萨迦法王建诵一亿遍度母咒。他说这是一个短咒,也很容易念诵。当我们询问法王咒语的意思,法王翻阅法本查阅并说:“嗡”是所有咒语的吉祥开端。“达咧”是呼唤救度速勇母(呼唤度母,救主是她的名字)。“嘟达咧”是救度苦难救护主的意思。“嘟咧”表示度母行动快而迅速。“梭哈”是牢固树立的意思。 通常当我们要交朋友,我们会呼唤她的名字:度母。我们与度母结交并亲近她。当我们有求于度母时,她会满足我们一切所需。法王于1月16日在Phrodang给予这个开示。