Guru Letters

His Eminence Gyana Vajra Rinpoche

His Eminence Gyana Vajra Rinpoche is true emanation of Manjushri.  In His speech to sponsors and volunteers in the thanksgiving dinner post Vesak 2016 celebration and after a successful completion of Vajrakilaya Grand Ritual and Damtsig Kangsol Protectors Ritual, He mentioned of Guru Devotion, trust between Guru and disciples, interdependence and the accumulation of merits in serving Buddha Dharma and the sentient beings, all in our Path towards Enlightenment.  We deeply appreciate His Eminence’s presence, His kindness, and this wonderful inspirational speech to guide us in our journey.

The following are the excerpts of His speech:
The best way to show your respect, the best offering to your Guru or Buddha is your practice.  And through these activities of yours, being here physically working, and mentally you are praying, this is the best.  Of all offerings, this is the best, I always say that and I believe in it.  The pujas we do, I also, I always consider my pujas as offerings to the Guru.

Because even normal teacher, the best way the teacher feel most or best, if the student becomes good doctor or lawyer or whatever field he has taught.  That is kind of satisfaction the teacher gets.  Similarly, I am sure Guru see you working hard, coming here and knowing that these teachings are making changes, working harder towards the Buddha Dharma and for benefit of all sentient beings, this is also the best way to gain your merits.

Enlightenment, one of the most important ingredients is merits.  Without merits, basically you can’t do anything, one of the best way to earn merits is not just doing anything, but one of the best way to gain merits is to serve your Gurus, by means of organizing pujas, helping any sort of things, during Vesak month.

Also of course, one the biggest program we have is Vesak, when people see, you may also inspire others, it is double merits you gain… if this other person aspires to be Buddha, that kind of thought also affect your benefits, these merits came from other person to you.

I must thank you very much, for all the good things and your hard work.  Also the sponsors, because without them, we can’t be here.  And also to all our volunteers, who have worked tirelessly. It is not easy job I know.  you have work at office to do, you have families but you have taken time off from work and families  come here to practice.  All because of your faith in the Guru and you wish to do good practice, I really appreciate your work. It is not ordinary work, you don’t gain money here.  It is all a service.

I am sure the reason this is one of the biggest centers of Sakya and why is it is biggest because His Holiness thought that He could come here to give the teachings and He could trust and able to rely on all of you to do these programs.  Again, from bottom of my heart, i would like to say thank you very much.
On Behalf of Sakya Tenphel Ling, we thank Your Eminence.  And may Members of the Holy family and Your Eminence live long and healthy life and continue to turn the wheel of dharma for all sentient beings.
May the Day and Night be auspicious for the propagation of the Dharma!
[The transcriber apologized for whatever errors or omissions made in transcribing this speech.]