July Dharma Sharing Contest

Vajrayogini Retreat Session
by HE Luding Khen Rinpoche

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NOTE: Due to overwhelming response, the registration is closed. Thank you for your participation.

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NOTE: Due to overwhelming response, the registration is closed. Thank you for your participation. 报名人数已经额满,感谢所有参加者。

White Tara Mantra Counts

Accumulation of White Tara Mantra –

The practice of White Tara is associated with healing, protection, and stabilizing the life-force. Tara purifies our negative obscurations and propensities and protects disciples from untimely death – she helps practitioners live a long life.

Today Sakya monasteries around the world with over 400 monks and nuns doing white Tara retreat, and dedicating the merits of the practice to the long and healthy life of His Holiness, The 41st Sakya Trizin.

The Singapore Buddha Sasana Society (Sakya Tenphel Ling) also initiated the accumulation of White Tara mantra in dedication to the long and healthy Life of our Patron, His Holiness The 41st Sakya Trizin.

In the recent visit of His Eminence Khondoong Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, He bestowed the White Tara initiation.

For those who were initiated or initiated before, you can join the accumulation of mantra, and log your count online or with a Group leader. You may enquire with STL office for more details.

On HH’s birthday on 21st September 2017, we will offer the first accumulation of mantras to His Holiness for His long and healthy life. There is no target and no time limit to this accumulation, we hope all disciples and students of His Holiness, whether you are in Singapore or overseas, will continue to chant White Tara mantra for HH’s long and healthy life.

1. Accumulation is long mantra of White Tara
2. There will be online broadcast of the count accumulated, every first week of the month.
4. Feel free to invite friends who have taken the white Tara initiation & keen to participate to join us in this count accumulation

Rejoice! May the merits accumulated from your White Tara practice be dedicated to the Long and healthy life of His Holiness, the 41st Sakya Trizin. May He continuously turn the wheel of dharma.

Kindly click here to submit your counts online (please note to submit only numerals under submit counts field)

With metta
STL 44th Exco

累积白度母心咒 — —
白度母与治疗、 守护和稳定生命力量相关联。度母能帮助净化我们负面的障碍,保护佛弟子免于无常死亡。她也能助修行者延长寿命。现今全世界的萨迦寺有400多位僧众和尼僧进行白度母共修,将共修功德回向第 41世 萨迦法王的长寿和健康。

新加坡佛学研究会展开累积白度母心咒活动,将功德回向第 41 世萨迦法王的长寿和健康。在大宝金刚仁波切最近的弘法行程,他也授予了白度母灌顶。

对于那些已经接受灌顶者,可以参加累积白度母心咒活动。您可以登录网站将心咒次数发给我们,或将次数发给负责人。您可以向办事处查询详情。在第 41世 萨迦法王2017年9月21日的生日,我们会将累积的白度母心咒回向给法王的长寿和健康。这个活动没有数目目标限制,也没有时间限制。我们希望所有法王的弟子和学生,无论他们在本地或国外,能持续念诵白度母心咒。

– 累积白度母心咒
– 每个月第一个星期,发表心咒累积次数。
– 请邀请您那些接受过白度母灌顶的朋友参加这个活动。


Lights Available for Sponsoring at STL


Since the historial Buddha Sakyamuni time, offering of light has great significance. This light clears the darkness of ignorance which in turn result in the arising of wisdom.

10 benefits of light offering expounded by Buddha Shakyamuni:
1) One receives great enjoyment of wealth.
2) One becomes like the light of the world.
3) One achieves clairvoyance of the pure eye as a human.
4) One is reborn as a deva or as a human.
5) One achieves the devas’ eye.
6) One achieves the wisdom to discriminate virtue from non-virtue.
7) One is able to eliminate the concept of inherent existence.
8) One receives the illumination of wisdom.
9) One quickly becomes liberated.
10) One quickly attains enlightenment

We can offer light either for oneself or on behalf of another person for the following purposes:
1) To remove obstacles and sufferings
2) To remove illness from a sick person
3) To dispel dark magic and evil spirits
4) To pray for long life
5) To provide a light path for the deceased

Lights are available for sponsoring at STL :
1) One month sponsorship of one shrine lamp x14 – $108



















Please approach Office if interested.

Naga Puja
Date: 13 July 2017 (Thursday)


1) TIME: starts 9am
2) Always check with counter on actual day whether boat trip is opened to participants
3) Contributions of any amount
4) Boat trip @ $20 per person (please register early if boat outing is opened to participants)
5) Be vegetarian for the Puja
6) For those buying their own offerings, please bring before the puja starts.