Biography of Korchak Tulku Rinpoche

Biography of Korchak Tulku 


Korchak Tulku Rinpoche (a.k.a. Tulku Kunga Choesang Lama) of Korchak Monastery in Ngari of western Tibet was born in the year 1987. When reached the age of three, he mentioned a lot about his memories of his earlier incarnation to Lama Kunga Gyaltsen Rinpoche from Omlo, Jampal―the younger brother of his earlier incarnation, Lama Rinchen―the disciple of his earlier incarnation and so forth. When Jampal heard that his brother’s reincarnation was born, he came to examine him. The boy recognized him at first sight, called him his little brother and asked about the possessions of his earlier incarnation, whereby he believed that this is unmistakably his reincarnation. Therefore it was recognized beyond dispute that he is the reincarnation of the renowned Lama Pasang Nyendrag. Furthermore, he told Lama Kunga Gyaltsen Rinpoche about the details of the possessions of his former incarnation and how he was mistreated during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Thereby the lamas strongly believed that he is the one, and invited him to his own monastery, where they had him wore the lama hat and expressed their praises, saying that it is rare to find such an unmistaken incarnate lama. Click here to read more.

Vajrayogini initiates of the Sakya lineage, please click here to read an account of Khorchak Rinpoche revival of the Sakya Vajrayogini Chod.

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