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Naga Puja


Naga Puja

Please kindly check with Office for the next Naga Puja date


1) TIME: starts 9am
2) Always check with counter on actual day whether boat trip is opened to participants
3) Contributions of any amount
4) Boat trip @ $20 per person (please register early if boat outing is opened to participants)
5) Be vegetarian for the Puja
6) For those buying their own offerings, please bring before the puja starts.


Offering of Lights

Since the historial Buddha Sakyamuni time, offering of light has great significance. This light clears the darkness of ignorance which in turn result in the arising of wisdom. Those who are familiar with Buddha’s life story will recall the lamp offered by the poor old lady. She had no money to buy oil for the lamp, so she cut her own hair in exchange for the oil. This lamp offered by her sincerely outshines all the other lamps. Even the wind caused by devadatta’s dark magic was unable to extinguish the lamp.

10 benefits of light offering expounded by Buddha Shakyamuni:
1) One receives great enjoyment of wealth.
2) One becomes like the light of the world.
3) One achieves clairvoyance of the pure eye as a human.
4) One is reborn as a deva or as a human.
5) One achieves the devas’ eye.
6) One achieves the wisdom to discriminate virtue from non-virtue.
7) One is able to eliminate the concept of inherent existence.
8) One receives the illumination of wisdom.
9) One quickly becomes liberated.
10) One quickly attains enlightenment

We can offer light either for oneself or on behalf of another person for the following purposes:
1) To remove obstacles and sufferings
2) To remove illness from a sick person
3) To dispel dark magic and evil spirits
4) To pray for long life
5) To provide a light path for the decease

Lights are available for sponsoring at Sakya Tenphel Ling as and when available. Kindly check our News and Announcements page for updates.

4 Years Dharma Structured Course

STL presents 4-Year Dharma Teaching Curriculum:
Starting Part 2 Module/Topic:
“ In the Coffers of Truth”

(Elegant/good Sayings)
by Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen
Click here to download program schedule

Come attend Buddhist teachings and register for this precious course module early. Please share this info with your friends and family members.


Syllabus outline for ENTERING THE PATH OF THE BUDDHA DHARMAA Basic Buddhist teaching
Click here to download info and details

Click here to learn more about the Course structure and the Texts used. 请点击这里下载中文版

Message from His Holiness The Sakya Trizin:

Everyone wants to be happy, and the only way to find true peace and happiness is to follow the religious path. Equally, once we have engaged on the religious path, it is very important that we study, so that we can progress swiftly along it. There are many texts and scriptures that can help us deepen our understanding of the Dharma.

“The Elegant Sayings” is such a text. It is one of the most famous works by the great master Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen. In this book, the great scholar offers precious advice on how to live a virtuous life and how to avoid non-virtuous behavior.

His witty and to-the-point analysis of what is noble and scholarly and what is foolish and untoward is an important teaching on what is to be adopted and what is to be rejected before one can become a true Dharma practitioner.

The study of the Dharma is a hugely meritorious activity that benefits not only oneself but also everyone that surrounds one. I truly rejoice that a program of Dharma study has been put in place at Sakya Tenphel Ling, and I fervently pray that many practitioners will participate in it and thus make great strides along the path to enlightenment, for the sake of all beings.






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Annual Grand Sponsor


Vesak Day 2015 Grand Sponsorship Registration. Click here to get started. 

You  can  perform  a  great  Vesak  activity  by  being  an  Annual  Grand  Sponsor.  Become  a  pillar  of support  for  Dharma  propagation  and  a  provider  of food  and  shelter  for  members  of  the  Sangha. Being an Annual Grand Sponsor, you are guarded daily till the next Vesak Day by incessant blessings, and will accrue enormous merits at the end. Click here for more details.

The  benefits  of  being  a  Grand  Sponsor:

1.  Your  merits  multiplying  million  times  through  the  participation  of  the  4  Great  Festivals  of    Shakyamuni  Buddha:

•Vesak  Day  (Birth,  Enlightenment  and  Parinirvana  of  The  Buddha)  –  15th  day  of  4th    Lunar  month
•The  First  Teaching  given  by  Buddha  (at  Sarnath)  –  4th  day  of  6th  Lunar  month
•Buddha  having  taught  His  mother  (Descending  from  Tushita  Heaven)  –  22nd  day  of  9th  Lunar  month
•The  miracle  of  Shravasti  –  15th  day  of  1st  Lunar  month

2.  Your  merits  accruing  daily  through  the  dedication  of  our  Resident  Lama  in  his  daily  Tara  and  Mahakala  Protector  Pujas,  and  the  weekly  Sunday  Tara  Puja

3.  Your  merits  accumulating  as  Sponsors  to  all  the  pujas  performed  during  the  year,  tagged  to  Center’s  numerous  events  and  visiting  programs  (except  pujas  for  the  deceased)

4.  Special  accumulation  from  Three  Red  Deities  Puja  of  Sakyapa  Tradition  on  a  specific  auspicious  Thursday  to  enhance  Sponsors’  wealth  and  prosperity  and  obstacle  dispelling.

5.  You  will  be  cordially  invited  to  attend  these  Pujas  and  have  audience  with  His  Holiness  during  His  Visit  and  receive  His  Blessings.

Being  a  Grand  Sponsor  of  STL,  you  will  feel  very  fortunate  and  blessed. The  pujas  are  performed  by  highly  qualified  Lamas  to  perfections.  With  such  conditions  and  your  right  motivation,  you  will  effectively  receive  continuous  blessings  through  the  year.  Seize  the  opportunity!

For  those  past  and  existing  Grand  Sponsors,  we  sincerely  thank  you  and  look  forward  to  your  continuous  support. With  your  altruistic  and  generous  acts,  STL  has  carried  out  many  spiritual  activities,  benefiting  many  mother  sentient  beings.  Rejoice!  May  the  auspicious  Vesak  bring  you  lots  of  success,  good  health,  prosperity  and  May  all  sentient  beings  be  well  and  happy!

“The  Gift  of  Dharma  EXCELS  all  other  Gifts”
~The  Buddha